Paula works, too.

Selfie by the author on January 28, 2021

My Thinking and Writing Style

On the Playground

Live into the height, width, and depth of your being with Centering

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Higher consciousness develops through cyclic experience and linear stages of growth

Step aside — no offense

Parasocializing with poets and writers can revitalize your mind

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Different Books for Different Times of the Day

Roadside assistance on the way to becoming a better person

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Creative Ideas From Paula Bramante

Finding New Ways to Envision Audience and Purpose in Writing

A frightening experience leads to a new understanding of personal identity

“Spannungsfeld” by Julian Voss-Andreae, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Photo by the author.

When personal narratives feel painful, they are too small for you

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War teaches many lessons. Are we wise enough to discern the ones worth remembering?

A Trip to the Palm Springs Air Museum

Paula Bramante, PhD

Paula is a writer and researcher specializing in mindful living, art, psychology, and other topics. Visit

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